Before and after

Before and after
Before...eating junk, no exercise and feeling terrible. After...eating "clean", weight training, cardio and feeling amazing 19 years later.

30 years ago I was in the path of an unhealthy future due to my poor food choices and no exercise. Eating Clean cleansed the inside of my body and I sculpted the outside with weight training. Now 48 years old, I'm in the best shape of my life. It's never too late to change your body and your life!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

You want the truth?

Of course, that phrase was blasted from Jack Nicholson in the movie, A Few Good Men.  I can relate and here’s why:

First of all, I’m truly flattered when anyone approaches me to give me a compliment or to say something about my physique.  It makes me feel good to know that people notice my hard work and dedication in the gym.  (I know that it’s a combination of a lot of other things as well.) Anyway, they mean well with their comments. 

BUT…as soon as anyone asks me what I do, that’s when the conversation goes south. Every time I answer the questions and say that I eat clean non-processed foods, no sugar, no soda, only drink water, work out six days a week, blah, blah, blah…here come the excuses!  I’ve heard them all…”Oh, I could never give up sugar”, “I don’t have time”, “my kids make it hard for me”, “I’m too old to start working out”, etc, etc.  I feel like blasting, “YOU WANT THE TRUTH?  YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!  Don’t ask if you’re not willing to listen or even really know how I did it!  As a friend of mine would say to people when they started making those excuses, “Ok.  Look at you…look at me!”  Then he would just walk off.  This is a photo of him, so he can actually get away with saying that.
See what I mean?
My point of this whole blog post is about the truth of doing what is hard.  Quit eating garbage food and sugar, work out on a regular basis, sweat, be honest with yourself, and make a commitment to change your bad habits for good.  If you’re one of those people who always makes excuses about why you eat bad or don’t work out, stop!  This is your life and the only one you’re going to have.  YOU have to put in the hard work if you want it bad enough.  Take charge of your body both inside and out before it controls you and your abilities to live a fit and healthy life.  HANDLING the TRUTH will make you strong for the rest of your life, mentally and physically.     

Thursday, August 16, 2012

**News Flash** - New Blog on New Website!

Hi everyone!  I'm very excited to tell you about my new venture. I have been working on this for a long time and it's now time for the unveiling.  I have a brand new website call where you can find cool new workout and gym apparel.  My blog is located at the top; click to the right of the Krusht logo on blog.  I will be updating the site with new apparel and workout accessories as I get them, post events (events tab) on location with Krusht apparel, and I will regularly post on the blog as well.  

I invite you to come on over to

Thank you for following me.  :)